Conan le barbare

Conan le barbare - Fan Art - Par Serely Illustration de Conan le barbare, un personnage qui me fascine. Tout d'abord, parce que son premier auteur, Howard, est l'initiateur du genre Heroic-Fantasy (oui oui, avec Tolkien!) Du sang, de la sueur, de l'acier,...

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Little Fairy

This is a gift for a little and sweet friend of mine, a little girl. She is my client’s daughter. She loves fairies, and particulary the ones from Winx TV show. So, I take one of those fairies, and made an illustration from it. And there is it! I choosed...

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Albagard, the lonlely Tree

Legend of Elven People, Albagard From my Role PLaying game, Iriona : a legend from Elve People, Albagard the tree without family. The Elves becomes tree sometimes, to take care of their family. They are called the Anciant Tree. Albagard became a tree...

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